Lockdown afterlife – how is it for you?

Summer seems to be on its way out, the nights are creeping in a little earlier and the other morning, when I ran with my dog, the air was chilly and bit my legs, turning them red. Although I love summer, its warmth, the long evenings and the air of holiday and adventure, freedom and fun in the air, I adore autumn in the same way, embracing the colours of the leaves, the cooler breeze, the grey skies and the first frost at dawn. It seemed that, when lockdown began, as did summer, as the sun graced us with her presence day after day. Then the summer holidays prolonged our time far from a routine, making it the longest period in history spent at home with our kids.

Now, as the rest of the country returns back to school, the weather has turned, too, welcoming autumn and the countdown to festivities which really aren’t so far away anymore. As much as I loved the time with my children, I am now glad for some routine, some purpose, some regimented duties day in and out. The cooler weather seems to be waking us up, pinching us, pushing us to rise from our slog and telling us to get on with it. And with that, I am up and running. Juggling, as before, grasping at new opportunities and realising that all those things I thought impossible are actually totally doable.

Lockdown was great to rethink some of our ways and create some new rules and boundaries. It helped some of us to take stock and weed out the old and start afresh. We evaluated and did some soul searching. Now, so it feels for me, all that thinking and searching has to be put into practice. Despite all this newfound enthusiasm for a new start, I am well aware that this crisis in not over yet, as the new restrictions remind us of. Many of us are still scared, frightened and worried. I have those moments, too, but I won’t allow myself to dwell because I have a job where I have no choice but to turn up. Therefore, for what this strange time has taught me is to roll with it. To do what I can do and to stop fighting what I can’t change. New things spring in front of us, even if everything has been quiet for a while, and we can emerge from this stronger, wiser and more resilient.

So how is this afterlife shaping up for you? Is it taking you a while to get back into normality, whatever that looks like? Have there been monumental changes? Are you excited for some new opportunities? Are you struggling and feel you need help? This was all very different for all of us and whatever you need and have to do to get out of this to be you, to feel ok and to gain strength again, do it. There is no shame, no embarrassment, no need to hide. AC – after Covid is a personal journey, as personal as everyone’s experience during quarantine. You do what you have to do. Try and make the best of it.

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